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Pelago Bristol

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  • LC10049
A no-nonsense city bicycle, which purpose is to take one from A to B with no hustle. The style... mehr
Produktinformationen "Pelago Bristol"

A no-nonsense city bicycle, which purpose is to take one from A to B with no hustle. The style draws inspiration from the classic bike aesthetics, which stay relevant today and for years to come, paying respect and blending into the timeless architecture of your city or town.

Made with reliable components, Bristol feels smooth and easy to ride. The rigid steel frame and comfortable puncture protected tyres soften road vibrations, cracks and cobblestones. Robust steel fenders protect you from splashes in wet conditions.

Nothing beats the comfort of a Brooks leather saddle – it breaks in like a pair of good leather shoes and adjusts to your anatomy.

Available in 1, 3 and 8 speed configurations with hub gears. 1-speed for lightweight simplicity, 3-speed for overall versatility and 8-speed for hilly areas and transporting more cargo.

As every Pelago bicycle, Bristol is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend the cargo capability of the vehicle.


MODELS 1-, 3-, 8-speed
COLOURS Black, Dapper Red, Helene Grey, Kaisla
FRAME Pelago Brooklyn TIG-welded steel frame, 5 year limited warranty
FORK Pelago Brooklyn 1" threaded, lugged, 5 year limited warranty
DRIVETRAIN (COASTER) Shimano CB-E110(1-Speed), Nexus SG-3C41(3-Speed), Nexus SG-C6001-8C(8-Speed)
DRIVETRAIN (HAND BRAKE) Shimano SF-MX30 Freewheel(1-Speed), Nexus SG-3R40(3-Speed), Nexus SG-C6001-8V(8-Speed)
SHIFTERS N/I(1-Speed), SL-3S41E Nexus Revo shifter(3-Speed), SL-8S31 Nexus Revo shifter(8-Speed)
CRANKS Forged Alloy w/ chain guard, 44T, 170mm, Stainless hardware, Silver
BOTTOM BRACKET Sealed cartridge BB, 68mm BSA, 117mm
CASSETTE / SPROCKET Shimano 19T, 3/32"
CHAIN KMC Z610 RB, 3/32"
BRAKES Front: rim brake / Rear: Coaster brake or rim brake, Silver
BRAKE LEVERS 4-finger Aluminium lever, Silver
SADDLE Brooks B17S, Honey
REAR HUB (COASTER) Shimano CB-E110(1-Speed), Nexus SG-3C41(3-Speed), Nexus SG-C6001-8C(8-Speed)
REAR HUB (HAND BRAKE) Modus MD-JA804R-SE(1-Speed), Nexus SG-3R40(3-Speed), Nexus SG-C6001-8V(8-Speed)
FRONT HUB Aluminium, rubber sealed bearings, 36H, Silver
RIMS Pelago STD Double wall aluminium rim, 700C, 36H, Silver
TIRES Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus 37-622, Black-Reflex
FRONT LIGHT Available as accessory
REAR LIGHT Available as accessory
HANDLEBAR Pelago Commuter 65mm rise, 25,4mm, Aluminium, Silver
SEATPOST 28,6mm Aluminium, Silver
STEM Pelago 40mm, 25,4mm, Silver
HEADSET 1'' Threaded, Aluminium, Silver
FENDERS 50mm Steel, Powder coated in frame colour
PEDALS Aluminium pedals with rubber grip, Silver
KICKSTAND Atran-Velo CS.3, Aluminium, Silver
COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES Carriers front and rear, frame lock, lights, grips, basket
MAX TIRE SIZE 37-622 With fenders, 47-622 Without fenders
WEIGHT 15,2 kg (3-Speed)
Farbe: grau, schwarz
Gänge: 3, 8, Singlespeed
Herren/Damen: Herren
Schaltung: Shimano
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